Citrine is yellow or orangey brown and brings happiness, success and prosperity along. This stone gives you energy & courage and lets you enjoy the life by the strong energy of the stone. Find your personal power and let stimulate your self-confidence, self-esteem and creativity by Citrine. This is the stone of abundance and you learn to attract wealth, prosperity, success and all the good things.

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This special bottle cleans water in a natural way by the crystal on the bottom of the bottle. This ensures that the water is provided by a better taste. According people, this method of drinking water works healing to your body and health. When you put a stone in the water, the water assumes the energy of the stone, for this reason an elixir arises. The energy of the stone will be transported by body fluids through the whole body. The bottle is made of glass, because the glass ensures that the water stays much longer fresh. With this water bottle you will enjoy your special water for a long time!


All our products are packed and shipped with care and love, so if you are looking for a great (Holy) gift for your friends, family or maybe just for yourself, our products are a valuable gift for everyone! Each water bottle is packed in a high quality, sealed cylinder.

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