Why crystals?

Crystals have been used for centuries for their healing and protective properties. They have memories from millions of years ago about the origin of the earth. In other words; crystals are the DNA of the earth.

Experts therefore believe that the stones influence us by radiating energy, a certain vibration. Those vibrations affect our mood. All objects, things or energies have a vibration, high or low. Crystals always have a high vibration.

Function of the crystals

Precious stones is a holistic therapy where crystals will be used to purge the mind and for trigger positive emotions. Every crystal has his own character, properties and function. For this reason, it’s important to know which crystal suits you as a person. Every person can feel attracted in a different way towards a certain crystal. For some people it can goes immediately, and other people are feeling the signals less strong.

Where do crystals come from and how do they arise?

Crystals hold memories of million years ago about how the world has arisen. In other words; crystals are the DNA of our earth. It concerns not only the theory of the crystals, but more about the intuition. How crystals arise, may be very different. Some crystals arise with big pressure, other crystals grew in space deep inside the ground and some others have arisen into layers or dripped in shape. These factors influence the properties of crystals and how they are functioning.

Each type of crystal has a specific meaning. They are formed out of minerals and they have their own internal structure. Inside the earth is staying hot magma rich in minerals who form new crystals. Crystal quartz arise through red-hot gases and liquid minerals who comes to the surface and cool down and precipitate. This whole process can go fast and ensures for new smaller crystals. How slower they come, how bigger the crystals become. Other forms of crystals arise when magma cools down and when water vapour till liquid precipitate. When the liquidation enters the cracks of surrounding rock, then it’s cooling slowly down and can arise big crystals, like Amethist.

How do you find the correct crystal that suits you

Maybe you don’t believe in the power of the crystals, but you are feeling rather some connection with a crystal when you look at it. For example, the colour or shape of a crystal can address you. Among others there are pink crystals and this colour stands for love. A purple colour stands for wisdom and a yellow colour stands for happiness and the heat of the sun. This may suit to your personality or is saying something about what you need in your life. Every crystal is unique like you and the relation what we have with a particular crystal. Assume of your intuition and choose a crystal that address you on the basis of colour, appearance and healing power.

The power of moonlight

By cleaning your stone it “resets” itself again and is ready for new energy. That may sound contradictory, but it is actually a step-by-step plan that we use more often: first reset, charge and reactivate. The light of the (full) moon is a natural source of energy for gemstones. With the ritual below you also learn to charge your stones in the moonlight.

Gemstones have a positive effect by releasing their energy to the environment or their wearer. This energy must be regularly replenished for optimal functioning. By charging a stone (the intensity of) the effect can be increased or strengthened. Below is one of the most common methods of charging gems.

By placing the stone in the moonlight for at least 1 night (this can be done behind glass), the natural energy of the stone is replenished. This is a very gentle and safe method of loading rocks. Particularly suitable for this is of course full moonlight!

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